Off Grid Solutions

Solar power is cheaper today than electricity derived from diesel fueled generators. With costs known at the time of installation and no volatility in fuel costs, solar power represents a serious value proposition for anyone that currently has their primary electricity supply sourced from liquid fuels. Houyi PowerGen’s off grid solar solutions can operate as the sole power generator or combine our leading edge solar power modules with a backup fuel burning generator to help to drastically reduce fuel consumption, carbon emissions and costs.

Houyi PowerGen’s off grid solutions can be thought of as a replacement, cheap and clean fuel source rather than a source of additional capacity. Our solar hybrid system is not designed to replace the existing power generation sources, but rather to relegate them to backup and surge provision units.

Our solar hybrid solutions have been developed to integrate reliably with existing power sources and site operations, capitalizing on the value of solar while doing so. In this role, the solar PV cells take over as the primary power source while integrating seamlessly with the existing fuel burning generators to ensure consistent and dependable operations.

Our off grid solar solutions provide a significant value proposition for a broad range of clients, including agriculture, mining, oil & gas, industry, utilities or anyone that is currently relying on expensive fuel based power and is looking to reduce their carbon emissions, fuel consumption and the variability of their fuel costs.

Houyi PowerGen’s off grid solar solutions provide:

  • cost reductions
  • lower fuel consumption
  • reduced fuel cost volatility
  • lower carbon emissions
  • greater energy independence
  • reduced load on generators extending their operational life