Our Products

Houyi PowerGen’s advanced solar PV technologies have been developed to provide the maximum energy yield while reducing the overall system costs to our partners and end users. We develop modules across the solar power chain, including PV cells, controllers, inverters and batteries, all designed to seamlessly and efficiently integrate with each other. Our expertise and our fully integrated systems mean that we can deliver more cost effective, reliable and efficient solar PV solutions than our industry competitors.

Houyi PowerGen’s integrated solar modules bring together the latest technological advancements with exceptional manufacturing processes and quality control levels. We are able to deliver world class performance levels, with the greatest reliability as a result of our heavy investment in R&D, while doing so at lower costs than most of our competitors. By delivering a fully integrated package, Houyi PowerGen simplifies the process of acquiring, installing, configuring and managing a solar array.

The advantages of Houyi PowerGen’s integrated solar PV solutions:

  • Optimal performance levels
  • Ease of installation and configuration
  • One supplier for all components
  • Lower maintenance costs