Added Value

Greater Efficiency

Space is often limited for installing a solar array, such as on the roof of a home or a factory. By increasing the efficiency of our solar PV cells, Houyi PowerGen can provide our end users with more power from less space, and do so for a lower overall cost. Houyi PowerGen’s solar PV modules offer some of the highest efficiency ratings available on the market.


Houyi PowerGen’s solar PV cells have an additional proprietary layer on the surface glass which causes dust and dirt to come away from the glass by itself, providing a self-cleaning effect. This layer also helps to reduce the reflectiveness of the glass beneath, meaning that more sunlight penetrates to the PV layers and in turn generate more power. This combination of reduced reflectivity and cleaning results in a consistently higher performance levels than the majority of competing products.


Houyi PowerGen subjects our solar modules to the most exacting load tests, protecting our modules against extreme weather events such as extremely high winds (gusts of greater than 300 km/h or 185 mph), particulate scratching, excessive snow loads and hail impacts.

Low Light Performance

Solar modules must still produce optimal power levels for the greatest yield even on overcast days. Houyi PowerGen’s proprietary cell technology and exceptional glass transparency means that our solar modules provide exceptional low light performance, providing end users with the greatest performance levels no matter the weather.

Corrosion Resistant

Houyi PowerGen’s solar modules only use high quality components providing excellent protection from salt water corrosion. This makes our modules an excellent choice for desalination plants, coastal and offshore installations.