Innovative Technologies

Houyi PowerGen’s leading team of expert engineers and scientific researchers develop the latest technological advancements in silicon solar power generation for commercialization. The goal of our team of over 100 experts in solar powered electricity generation is to discover new and refine existing cell technologies, increasing affordability and efficiency.

Our leading edge photovoltaic cell technologies take advantage of engineering innovations that have been developed by us and by some of the leading silicon solar research institutions, including the National Taiwan University and the National Central University, as well as international institutions. The cell technologies and module designs that Houyi PowerGen has developed from this research has resulted in exceptionally high solar conversion efficiency rates. The performance of our modules continues to improve as we bring this leading edge research out of the laboratory and into the manufacturing of production systems.

Houyi PowerGen continues to invest heavily in research and collaborate with the world’s leading research institutions to develop new solar energy solutions, helping to place Houyi PowerGen at the top of the pile with regard to power conversion, affordability and efficiency of silicon photovoltaic solar power cells, modules. micro inverters, micro grids, energy storage and much more. Our dedication to innovation culminates in leading edge technologies throughout the solar plant, increasing yields, lowering costs and providing a more reliable integration with the electricity grid.