Corporate Citizenship

As a forward thinking company with a focus on renewable energy and a fundamental concern for our environment central to our operations, Houyi PowerGen is dedicated to achieving the highest standards of corporate citizenship, with the objective of safeguarding the best interests of our stakeholders and ensure the long term viability and profitability of our company.

Throughout every level of Houyi PowerGen, from the board, through executive management and all of our employees, contractors and partners, Houyi PowerGen ensures our integrity by subscribing to a code of ethics and business conduct that covers all current best corporate practices and of course all applicable laws.

Our goal is to create long lasting value for our stakeholders and contributing positively to our local and global community by helping to facilitate a world that is powered by affordable and clean electricity sourced from the sun. To this end, Houyi PowerGen provides highly efficient environmentally friendly energy solutions that deliver higher solar electricity yields, for less financial outlay and with less of an environmental impact throughout every stage of their life.

Houyi PowerGen is fully aware that our responsibility as a company is not just based on the quality of our products we deliver, but also extends to how those products are delivered. Our solar energy solutions are produced with energy efficiency and environmental impact firmly in mind. As a company we employ a number of mechanisms to reduce our own power consumption and re-purpose and recycle as much of our waste streams as is feasible. With our global partners, we have developed a framework that helps to reduce the environmental impact during the installation phase of our projects.

Our commitment to good corporate and environmental citizenship is ingrained into our companies’ very existence. We strive to be environmentally and socially responsible in every aspect of our business and that this dedication informs every decision that we make,